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Visiting Dugout Episode 21 — Miami Marlins

Chrystal O’Keefe talks to Tommy Barbee about the Marlins

The White Sox bounce out of the New York haze for a homestand against the Marlins. Both teams are struggling a bit, but one is in second place at the time of the recording, and the other is fourth in the worst division in baseball. Tommy Barbee, fellow contributor at South Side Sox and Southeast correspondent, joins the show to talk about the Marlins. Will the Marlins figure out Jake Burger and even Romy González? This series might be a close one, with both teams dealing with inconsistency.

  • The winning Marlins are sneaky-good, sitting comfortably in second in the National League East
  • What’s going on in Miami?
  • The Marlins are good but not great, just like the White Sox!
  • Old friend alert, featuring Jorge Soler
  • Did Jazz Chisholm Jr. get the cover curse?
  • Sandy Alcántara has been struggling, and no one knows why
  • The race to the Wild Card
  • Fears, threats, and the keys to win the series
  • Around the league with Tommy’s predictions and thoughts

Find Tommy on Twitter and over at South Side Sox.

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