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Miami Marlins v Chicago White Sox
Luis Robert Jr. connects for the sixth walk-off winner for the White Sox already this season.
Michael Reaves/Getty Images

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Good News: Luis Robert Jr. walks it off, Bad News: It was kinda boring

La Pantera gets it done in the clutch, 2-1

Good News, everyone! The White Sox won tonight’s game against the Marlins 2-1! Bad news well ... we’ll get to that, along with some more good news in this recap.

Good News: White Sox win, Detroit loses!

Bad News: Chicago is still seven games worse than .500 and Minnesota won, so the Sox gain a game on second, but not on first. But, hey, at least the AL Central leader is at .500 again? The division is anyone’s for the taking at this point.

Good News: Luis Robert Jr. walked off the game for the Sox.

Bad News: He was 0-for-3 and had only gotten on base via catcher’s interference prior to that at-bat. He also struck out twice and left four men on base, but at least he got a hit when it mattered.

Good News: Yasmani Grandal went 3-for-4, with a home run!

Bad News: Jake Burger went 0-for 4 with 3 Ks. It was bound to happen, but Burger seems to be coming down to earth at home. He’ll probably end up being the team’s only All-Star anyway.

Good News: The Sox had 11 hits on the night.

Bad News: They scored two runs to show for it. It was a good hitting night, but they didn’t really string anything together until the ninth.

Good News: Dylan Cease went six innings, giving up one run and striking out seven.

Bad News: Not really any bad news here, it was a solid outing for Dylan, who sorely needed to get out of the fifth inning, for once. The one hit was the game-tying home run, but you can blame Cease having to walk such a fine line on the offense backing him.

Good News: The bullpen retired nine straight batters at the end of the game, and Liam Hendriks got the win.

Bad News: Again, no bad news, pitching was good all night, and Liam got his second win in six appearances this season. Keynan Middleton and Kendall Graveman looked solid, too. No strikeouts for any of them could be the bad news, but I won’t be picky about how they got through their three innings tonight.

Good News: The White Sox face off with the Marlins again tomorrow afternoon!

Bad News: The Sox played a doubleheader, traveled, played a night game, and now they play a day game, so expect some weird/bad baseball tomorrow.

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