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Sox Populi Podcast 151 — Any room for hope?

Brian O’Neill, Melissa Sage-Bollenbach and Malachi Hayes join Brett Ballantini to try to squeeze some hope out of a woebegone ballclub gifted by a ragtag division

The power trio of Malachi Hayes, Melissa Sage-Bollenbach and Brian O’Neil weather smoke, technical difficulties and the encroaching sunset with Brett Ballantini to talk about where the White Sox stand, possible paths to the playoffs, and the pleasant surprises/bitter disappointments of 2023’s first half.

  • Vibe check: Can this team play into October?
  • Nuts and bolts vibe check: What combination-clicks need to occur for the the White Sox to find that next gear and get to .500/division lead?
  • Brian learns it’s not always wise to be polite ...
  • ... and then exacts a little revenge on Malachi
  • A short dive into the travails of Tim Anderson and the emotional impact he has on the White Sox, for both better and worse
  • How many more “bitter disappointment” candidates did we have than “pleasant surprises?”
  • Who gets moved this month, and a revisitation of the trade Lucas vs. keep Lucas debate

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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