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George Wolkow, as dangerous a prep power bat as there was in the 2023 draft, will be signing with the White Sox.
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White Sox draft steal George Wolkow confirms he will be signing

Possible plum pick of the draft will be heading to Arizona

UPDATE: Fast, exciting news on the George Wolkow draft pick!

Although a seventh-round pick, George Wolkow has arguably the most significant potential out of anyone the White Sox have drafted thus far.

Despite being 17 years of age, Wolkow stands in at a massive 6´7´´ and 239 pounds. As you’d expect, the lefty has definite power and will rely on the White Sox player development team to help refine his swing and pitch recognition as he progresses through the minors.

Wolkow is also a local product, coming out of Downers Grove North H.S. Although he was initially committed to South Carolina, it’s clear the opportunity to stay close to home (and likelihood of getting a healthy bonus) was too good to pass up.

As one of the youngest and most physically gifted prospects in the overall draft class, there’s much to like about this choice.

2023 Chicago White Sox Draft Picks

First Round (No. 15 overall) Jacob González, SS (ranked No. 18 on MLB Pipeline)
Second Round (No. 51 overall) Grant Taylor, RHSP (ranked No. 102 on MLB Pipeline)
Third Round (No. 84 overall) Seth Keener, RHP (ranked No. 108 on MLB Pipeline)
Fourth Round (No. 116 overall) Calvin Harris, C (ranked No. 133 on MLB Pipeline)
Fifth Round (No. 152 overall) Christian Oppor, LHSP (ranked No. 225 on MLB Pipeline)
Sixth Round (No. 179 overall) Lucas Gordon, LHSP (not ranked on MLB Pipeline)
Seventh Round (No. 209 overall) George Wolkow, OF (ranked No. 71 on MLB Pipeline)

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