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OF Caden Connor
In an almost-hilarious back to the future episode where the White Sox visit 2003 and discover Moneyball, Caden Connor is the latest high-walks addition to the org. Just in a nick of time!
Cal State Fullerton Athletics

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White Sox select OF Caden Connor in the 19th round (No. 569 overall)

The lefty outfielder has a good approach to the plate

With the 569th pick in the 2023 MLB draft, the White Sox have selected outfielder Caden Connor out of Cal State Fullerton. As a starter since 2021, Connor has drawn more walks than strikeouts and profiles some decent gap power. The lefty has also spent significant time at first base.

Connor’s strikeout rates are comically low (career 11.59%, which includes an uptick in 2023 that could have been an unsuccessful attempt to sell out for more power). Comping can get a little silly, but the initial vibe here is a Steele Walker or Harvin Mendoza sort of player.

Caden Connor’s Baseball Cube Talent Ratings

Contact 95
Durability 85
Hitting 65
Speed 49
RBIs 27
Power 25
XBH 23
Runs 20
Team Winning Pct. .338

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12th Round (No. 359 overall) Mathias LaCombe, RHP (not ranked)
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14th Round (No. 419 overall) Edrick Felix, 2B (not ranked)
15th Round (No. 449 overall) Carlton Perkins, RHP (not ranked)
16th Round (No. 479 overall) Weston Eberly, C (not ranked)
17th Round (No. 509 overall) Mikey Kane, IF (not ranked)
18th Round (No. 539 overall) Anthony Imhoff, LHP (not ranked)
19th Round (No. 569 overall) Caden Connor, OF (not ranked)

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