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Departing from some of the contact-plus infielders drafted by the organization so far this week, Edrick Felix packs BIG POWER into the second-base slot.
Florida Gulf Coast University

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White Sox select 2B Edrick Felix in the 14th round (No. 419 overall)

This power-packed energy wad is ready to dent some fences in Arizona

With the 419th overall pick in the 2023 MLB draft, the White Sox selected second baseman Edrick Felix from Florida Gulf Coast University.

Unlike the direction the White Sox have taken with the plurality of their hitting choices in 2023, Felix is less about bat discipline and more about raw power.

Now, to the naked eye in that footage, the six-foot part of Felix’s 6´0´´, 198-pound listing seems a bit generous, but that makes his ability to put the ball over the fence even more impressive. He had 25 homers and 83 RBIs for an apparent live-scoring Eagles club in 2023, and in case we want to call that some sort of Atlantic Sun juiced ball bounce, Felix drove out 19 a year earlier, for Central Florida CC.

And don’t discount plate discipline, either; we take walks for dangerous hitters at the lower levels with a grain of salt, but Felix is not selling out for full power walking 31 times against 55 Ks this summer.

Expect a bit of a talent-level jolt for Felix as he reports to the ACL and surely gets himself quickly into games, but that jolt often forces players into another gear.

2023 Chicago White Sox Draft Picks

First Round (No. 15 overall) Jacob González, SS (ranked No. 18 on MLB Pipeline)
Second Round (No. 51 overall) Grant Taylor, RHSP (ranked No. 102 on MLB Pipeline)
Third Round (No. 84 overall) Seth Keener, RHP (ranked No. 108 on MLB Pipeline)
Fourth Round (No. 116 overall) Calvin Harris, C (ranked No. 133 on MLB Pipeline)
Fifth Round (No. 152 overall) Christian Oppor, LHSP (ranked No. 225 on MLB Pipeline)
Sixth Round (No. 179 overall) Lucas Gordon, LHSP (not ranked)
Seventh Round (No. 209 overall) George Wolkow, OF (ranked No. 71 on MLB Pipeline)
Eighth Round (No. 239 overall) Eddie Park, CF (not ranked)
Ninth Round (No. 269 overall) Jake Peppers, RHP (ranked No. 187 on MLB Pipeline)
10th Round (No. 299 overall) Zach Franklin, RHP (not ranked)
11th Round (No. 329 overall) Rikuu Nishida, 2B (not ranked)
12th Round (No. 359 overall) Mathias LaCombe, RHP (not ranked)
13th Round (No. 389 overall) Ryan Galanie, 3B, (not ranked)
14th Round (No. 419 overall) Edrick Felix, 2B (not ranked)

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