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Sharing Sox Podcast 112 — All-Star break and All-Team broken

But we still have to play the final 70 games, anyway

SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, consider first how incredibly dysfunctional an organization has to be to send an entrant to the Home Run Derby without realizing he has no family to be with him and no teammates who are All-Stars and therefore needs to have someone from the club there cheer him on or commiserate, as the case may be. Unlike every other contestant, poor Luis Robert Jr. had to just stand by himself and look lonely. And to add to it, he got hurt.

But that’s the past. It’s time to look ahead to the future and guess how may current White Sox players will still be with the team come August 1.

Will Jerry Reinsdorf’s typist, Bob Nightengale of USA Today, be correct and three starting pitchers and three relievers all be traded? How about his 50-50 prediction on Tim Anderson, given TA has almost no value at this point? (We delve into TA’s career hitting vs. good and bad teams. It ain’t pretty.)

Or will Jon Heyman of the New York Post be more accurate, when he says the only players who are considered untouchable are Robert, Dylan Cease, Andrew Vaughn and Eloy Jiménez (and, if so, why are Eloy and Vaughn in the same category as Luis and Dylan)?

Only The Shadow knows, but the rest of us will find out before the end of July.

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