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Visiting Dugout Episode 29 — Atlanta Braves

Tommy Barbee comes back to chat about our upcoming opponent

The All-Star Break is over and we’re back to the unfortunate reality — the White Sox still have the second half of the season to play. The trade deadline is looming, no one seems to know who is pitching each day, and everyone is likely playing through some kind of injury. This first series should be fine though. Right? Oh, never mind.

Tommy Barbee, SSS’ Southeast correspondent, is back on the show to break down another team in his backyard — the Atlanta Braves. Atlanta is the best team in baseball and sits comfortably at the top of the NL East, eight games ahead, with a .674 winning percentage. Will the White Sox get swept yet again, or will they do that weird thing where they win against the best teams but barely beat the bottom-dwellers?

  • Everyone is way behind Atlanta in the National League East
  • Post-Freddie Freeman era seems to have little to no effect, they’re still good
  • Thoughts on the All-Star break and Atlanta’s franchise record of eight players in the ASG
  • Sean Murphy has been excellent both behind the plate and at bat, and also had a special ASG moment
  • Will Atlanta let anyone get close, or will they still be at least eight games better than everyone in September?
  • Who is the MVP on a team full of MVPs?
  • Who is untouchable for the trading deadline?
  • Twitter Questions, featuring a chat about the ’98 Braves and the whole racism thing
  • Series matchup and pitching breakdowns — and perhaps a hug watch?
  • Fears, threats, and the keys to win the series
  • Around the league with the Orioles, Mariners, and how awesome the Reds are doing
  • The Chicago Blackhawks???

Find Tommy on Twitter and read all the excellent work he does for our site.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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