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Meet the Players: Salina Rae Silver

Get to know our new metrics and minors writer, baseball and music photographer, and Adam Eaton nemesis

Salina is an Okie girl who transplanted to Wisconsin shortly after graduating college. With no major sports teams from the state she called home, she latched onto Milwaukee Brewers baseball from a young age, with the Chicago White Sox serving faithfully as her second-favorite team. However, after a fateful trip to Guaranteed Rate Field later in life, the South Side’s energy, tenacity, and passion converted her to a full-time and hardcore Pale Hose fan.

While she wasn’t born into this fandom, she made a conscious decision to choose it.

And as such, she’s dived right into coverage here for us, with a debut piece on Gregory Santos that got the hands of praise from the man himself:

Look for Salina to focus on metrics and minors writing here at South Side Sox, and giving us a big boost in both areas!

Salina’s an avid concert photographer in her off-time, sharing photos she took of her favorite bands on her photography Instagram,

You can also catch her tweeting wildly unpopular takes about the White Sox at @HeyHeySalinaRae

Hometown I was born in the Sin City; Las Vegas. However, I was raised in Oklahoma and consider a small town called Okmulgee my hometown!

How and when did you join SSS? Well, I reached out to Brett after reading some socially-conscious pieces cough “Clevinger” cough, and he welcomed me with open arms and a kind heart! What more can you ask for?

What is your favorite type of coverage at SSS? I can’t explain why, but I absolutely love covering prospects. Something about the promise of potential is infinitely fascinating to me. Plus, they have more fun with the game than a lot of major-leaguers seem to.

Favorite current White Sox player Gotta be TA. I know a lot of fans have soured on him, but I was a Tim Anderson fan long before I considered myself a bonafide White Sox Fan. TA4L

If you could have any job in baseball, what would it be and why? Darren Georgia does a phenomenal job, but I’d absolutely LOVE to be the White Sox’s team photographer one day. That is absolute dream job territory.

First White Sox memory This is incredibly random, but I remember playing as a pitcher on old iterations of MLB: The Show and facing Adam Eaton fairly often. I remember his distinct sunglasses. And I remember him being an absolute PAIN to get out. That was my first exposure to the Sox.

Favorite White Sox memory: Gosh. My first game at Guaranteed Rate. I’d brought my camera to snap some photos of the game, and we were down five runs in the early going. My husband and I considered leaving, but just as we were about to abandon hope ... the Sox came back to win the game. That tenacity is what has defined my love for the White Sox ever since.

Favorite White Sox player ever: Random one here, too, but I really liked how unique Nate Jones was as a pitcher. He and TA are at the top of my list.

Next White Sox statue: Snoop Dogg in a Sox hat.

Next White Sox retired number: S e v e n

Go-to concession food at Sox Park: So, I stick to pizza. Basic, I know. But my hubby made me try a tamale once, and it was pretty good!

Favorite Baseball Movie: The Benchwarmers. “I am twelf”

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