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Bird App Recap: Mets 11, White Sox 10

Will this game ever end?

Well, hello!

After an off-day yesterday, the White Sox are back in action tonight. Before we get to the game in the Big Apple, let’s get to the big signings of the day!

I have no clue what these signings mean for the future, but my friends seem excited, so I am also excited.

Let’s get to the game. Here is how Pedro decided to line them up against the Mets. Good news, Lucas Giolito has not been traded and will start tonight.

A couple wins against the Braves has got me thinking anything is possible.

Let’s just say, neither team is having a great year.

Two batters in for the Mets and they’re up, 1-0.

Is Gio just nervous because this could be his last start with the White Sox?

There is just one measly out in the bottom of the first, and it’s 2-0.

A pair of home runs makes it 5-0.

You say boring, I say a run is a run. Thank you, Yaz.

The deficit is back to five after a double off the wall by Francisco Lindor.

White Sox are one grand slam away from being tied.

Stranding runners, it’s what they do.

Yes, and he just made it 7-2, Mets.

Gio’s day is done after just 3 2⁄3 innings.

... and Bryan Shaw immediately gives up an RBI single to Jeff McNeil. Lucas is tabbed with an eighth run.

Somehow it is now 8-4. Don’t stop now, boys!

We pause now for a random stat break.

After falling back down by seven runs, I am just going to say it. We’re within three.

Sometimes it feels good to be on the other side of the breakdown.

What is happening?

Only time will tell, Janice.

The good news? The Mets did not score in the seventh.

Failed rebuilds will do that to you. Instead, he’s trying to close out the game for New York.

Elvis Andrus represents the tying run, pinch-hitting for Seby with two outs in the ninth.

Andrus walks and Benintendi singles to bring us within one.

Close, but no cigar. 11-10 is your final score from Queens. See you tomorrow for more infuriating baseball.

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