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Sharing Sox Podcast 113 — The trade deadline beckons

And so do a lot of frequent flyer miles

With PECOTA now giving the White Sox just a 1% chance of winning the hapless AAAL Central, with a predicted 72.6 wins (that last six-tenths of a win is always the hardest), SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, indulge in the Sox fan merriment of the moment and try to guess who might go where by the trade deadline, and in exchange for what.

Much of the discussion is on Tim Anderson — where will he go, if anywhere? Will he play second base wherever he goes? Will the change of scenery be good for both TA and the new team?

And after all the dust settles, who should play what position(s) for the White Sox the rest of 2023? How about in 2024, which is apt to be a write-off, barring miracles and other hopey stuff? Can 2025 really be a big turnaround year, the one that’s been promised since Richard Daley was mayor?

Ah, so many questions, such as how much salary the White Sox would have to eat to get some team to take Yasmani Grandal. And even occasional answers, such as to whether Andrew Vaughn and Eloy Jiménez should be deemed protected from the trading block.

Oh, yes, there are also games to be played. Not that most of them matter any more ... except against the Cubs.

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