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San Francisco Giants v Chicago White Sox
A man who clearly knows what he’s doing.
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Dear Chicago White Sox Fans: Embrace the apathy

Why should fans care, if our club won’t even pretend to shake things up at the top?

’Tis the season where many White Sox fans get too attached to one or many players on their team. We don’t even get the luxury of Twitter handles named after processed meats or inappropriate pop star body parts this year, yet that hasn’t stopped the ruminations.

I’m sorry to say this, but even as someone who writes about the White Sox, I have no idea how anyone can feel anything other than apathy.

If I wanted to watch the same people throw together a crappy rebuild over and over again, I’d rather watch HGTV.

Nothing this year has indicated that anyone in the organization has learned a damn thing about why things have gone awry. The man who has fumbled a young core that most organizations would kill for, and blown money on bullpen arms the way a main character in a Scorsese film would blow money on coke and women, somehow is getting a chance to do it all over again.

Rick Hahn, you lucky bastard, how do you pull it off?

With a little more than a week to go before the trade deadline, there will be a deafening shrill of trade rumors. Chances are, most of these rumors won’t come to fruition. I even wonder if any significant deal will happen, or if Captain Smug will roll back out on August 1 in front of the microphones and lament how “there just weren’t any fair deals available to us this year,” but then talk about how excited he is to watch Touki Toussaint become a valuable rotation piece.

So, Sox fans, I’m telling you— save yourself.

There are some fun prospects in the minors to watch, and you can dream of a distant future where fragile egos aren’t running the major league organization in a fire-engulfed clown car.

In the meantime, unless you like slow-motion disasters, I would keep my eyes averted from this mess of a team for a long while.

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