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Bird App Recap: Cubs 7, White Sox 3

See you at the parade, friends

The White Sox look to take the first game of the short series against the Cubs to hold on to their Crosstown hardware. Will they pull it off?

Ahead of the game, the White Sox honored the newest member of the Hall of Fame, Pat Hughes.

OK! Let’s get rolling. Both teams are garbage, and I don’t know why anyone is watching.

Michael Kopech struggles early.

And it’s 2-0, Cubs.

Wait, 3-0, and still in the second.

It’s 2023, and this is still on the minds of fans.

Yep, 4-0.

Cubs fans are heckling, but the joke is on them. We’re all empty inside.

It doesn’t help that Kyle Hendricks is taking a no-hitter into the fourth.

A mass exodus is happening across TVs all over Chicagoland, as fans reach for the remote.

And the hate continues to build and fill fans with disgust.

The Cubs score, yet again.

WAIT! A HIT! In the fifth, but it’s a hit!

Oh goodness, it’s 5-1.

A Nico Hoerner home run makes it 6-1.

After a called-out steal attempt was overturned, the Cubs add another stolen base to their tally.

Is anyone still reading this? Well if you are, it’s 7-1.

This feels like the best time to be reminded of things Rick Hahn has said.

The White Sox might actually start a rally?!

Unfortunately, Yoán Moncada is robbed of a grand slam.

While the team had some flashes of hope later in the game, nothing panned out.

We’re all so proud. Don’t stop now.

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