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White Sox Reacts Survey: Twins top the hate list

It was a photo finish, but the Crosstown rivals finish second

I would not have imagined all of our hate boils down to essentially two rival teams:

The Guardians, at least, seem way low. I suppose a lot of our voters came of again in the 00s, not the 90s.

One of the national questions concerned our Chicago White Sox, and so far (at least as of last night), so true:

The White Sox haven’t yet quite iced “biggest seller” status with just the Lucas Giolito-Reynaldo López trade, but it does signal more to come — Lance Lynn and at least one reliever seem very safe bets to vacate the South Side. But we’ll have to wait and see, as a case could be made at the very least for the Cardinals. Based on the Angels acquisition of two stud arms from the Sox, safe to say 9% of respondents were dead wrong.

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