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Herb is on point. I am begging the White Sox to please stop pitching to José Ramírez.

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Bird App Recap: Guardians 5, White Sox 0

José Ramírez strikes again ... twice

After snapping their six-game losing streak, the White Sox are now looking to take three of four from the Guardians — and if they have to play out the rest of the season, they might as well create embarrassment and chaos in the AL Central.

Tim Anderson has been playing much better over the last few weeks, and will shift back to the leadoff spot.

Is the TA7 that we know back? Many are saying this.

Michael Kopech is on the mound, and the first inning went alright, but Kopech couldn’t find the control in the second. He walked four batters, forcing in the first run of the game. Not a great start for Michael today, with more than 50 pitches through two.

Kopech made it through the third and fourth innings, but fell off the rails again in the fifth. This time, however, it was homers instead of walks that did the trick. One bomb apiece for Steven Kwan and José Ramírez, 3-0, Cleveland.

Why do we ever pitch to this man?

Everyone is frustrated today.

The White Sox offense got beat pretty bad by Aaron Civale this afternoon, but at least we have this going for us.

Benetti IS the best, to be fair.

The White Sox did get a couple of baserunners on in the sixth, beginning with a Seby Zavala walk. This is a neat stat, though.

Right fielder, Will Brennan, made an incredible catch on a Luis Robert Jr. shallow fly ball, but then turned around to make an equally wild throwing error trying to double Yoán Moncada off at first. There was no one there; runners advance.

Unfortunately, Cleveland got out of the inning, no score for the Sox.

Declan Cronin made his MLB debut, coming in to relieve for Michael Kopech. He had a great sixth inning, but once again, the Sox let José Ramírez beat them. Another homer in the seventh, 5-0, Cleveland.

Righthander Edgar Navarro was also called up to the White Sox this weekend, and he, too, made his first major league appearance in the ninth inning. Even earning his first strikeout!

And another little fun fact. What a throwback.

Good Guys have some work to do in the bottom of the ninth, down five, and down bad.

We probably should have followed Celeste’s lead and turned the game off after the second Ramírez blast. Cleveland will walk away with a series split.


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