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Kristina and Allie reporting to you live from the Miller Sky Lounge on Saturday.

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New food offerings at Guaranteed Rate Field

Elite South Side Servings continue to grow for White Sox fans

The baseball played at Guaranteed Rate Field hasn’t been great this season, but you can always count on the White Sox to offer elite food offerings at the stadium. When you attend a game at Sox Park, you are graced with a diverse lineup of different cuisine options, from your classic ballpark hot dogs and nachos, to creating more vegan/plant-based options, and even introducing more Asian food entrees around the concourse!

South Side Sox was fortunate enough to have been invited to preview some of the new concession items that have been added to various menus across the ballpark. Two of our site editors, Allie and Kristina, were able to attend and sample majority of the new offerings. Join them below as they provide their review!

Of course, our reviews are subjective, but we will roll with the below grading scale:

  • Trade Worthy: Worth tasting, not off the table, but not our first choice.
  • Everyday Starter: Reliable, worth purchasing on occasion.
  • All-Star: An elite, excellent option to mix in during your ballpark visits.
  • MVP: Top tier, you need to try this ASAP!!!

Kung Pao Chicken Wrap
Sweet soy and spicy ginger marinated chicken, stir fry vegetables, sticky rice, and a whole wheat tortilla. Find this at the Vizzy Sky Bar in right field.

Allie This was an All-Star. The layer of sushi rice surrounding the chicken and veggies made a for a delectable bite each time. This is definitely not something you think of as traditional ballpark food, but it will be something I think about now when I attend a game!

Kristina I have to agree with Allie here, this was most certainly an All-Star, borderline MVP. Kung Pao Chicken is one of my favorite Asian dishes, and to see it turned into a wrap was a perfect way to integrate into a ballpark offering! The sushi rice tied the soy and spicy ginger flavors together really well. Definitely recommend trying it!

Chicken Parmesan Sandwich
Crispy fried chicken topped with marinara and mozzarella cheese, served on a garlic butter Turano Italian roll. This can be found at the Beggars Pizza Pub in Section 163.

Allie MVP. I do not know what they put in this chicken and marinara sauce, or maybe it was the garlic butter on the roll, but it was delicious. I will be tracking this down regularly.

Kristina Definitely an MVP, and possibly my favorite of the day. If you love a good chicken parmesan dish, this is certainly for you. Like it is for Allie, this is going to become a regular for me.

Foot Long Spicy Chili Cheese Dog
Half-pound Vienna Beef foot-long hot dog loaded with chili, cheese, diced onions, and jalapeños. Located outside of Section 105.

Allie MVP. This was my favorite of the day. Chili cheese dogs are one of my favorites, and this one is done well. The jalapeños added with the chili give this a nice spice, but it is not overwhelming. Plus, the hot dog is Vienna Beef and it doesn’t get better than that.

Kristina This is an everyday starter for me. I love the addition of the jalapeño to spice the dog up a bit, and of course, a chili cheese dog is always a hit. But for me, when I am craving a hot dog at a ballgame, I have to go with the classic dog with grilled onions and mustard!

Plant-Based Chik’n Tender Basket
“Incogmeato” plant-based tenders are made with non-GMO soy and have a just-like-meat bite with a crispy, homestyle breading. Find this vegan option outside of Sections 122 and 544.

Allie Everyday Starter. If I wasn’t told these were vegan, I would have never known. The breading and the texture on these was great, plus they had Hog Wild barbecue sauce to dip them in. I don’t normally go for chicken tenders in general when at the park, so these would not be my immediate choice.

Kristina All-Star! You really would have no idea these are vegan unless someone told you. It’s awesome that the White Sox continue to introduce plant-based options into their concessions, and the crispiness and the texture absolutely fool you into thinking it’s just a normal chicken tender! Plus, as Allie noted, the sauce was on point. Love me some chicken tenders, will definitely be trying again at a future game.

For additional new plant-based options, also consider visiting Sections 160 and 529 to try the Plant-Based Spicy Chorizo, which is available for Buenos Nachos and nacho helmets!

The Walking Stick
Pit smoked ham, mustard butter, Swiss cheese served on a pretzel baguette. These can be found throughout the stadium at the Club Level Concessions.

Allie Everyday Starter. Who doesn’t enjoy a classic sandwich on a pretzel bun? Plus, you cannot knock the convenience of the grab ’n go setting these are sold in. This is the perfect pickup to go with a cold beverage at a lunch time game.

Kristina This would be the only one that is semi-Trade Worthy for me, mostly because I don’t usually want a deli sandwich when I attend a ballgame. This sandwich is awesome for the convenience of the grab ’n go market, and let’s be real, pretzel baguettes are elite. I would love to taste a little bit more of the mustard butter on the sandwich, and might be something I try again in the future, but not the top of my list!

The Vizzy View Bar also has a Bavarian Soft Pretzel that is served with beer cheese and grain mustard that can be purchased. The pretzel with the Walking Stick is super tasty, so we can only imagine how delicious a warm soft pretzel would be!

Sweet Chili Sesame Chicken
This is served with fried rice and pickled vegetables. Find this in the Vizzy View Bar.

Allie This was the one meal of the day that I found Trade Worthy. The sesame chicken itself was great, along with the pickled veggies. The fried rice was not the best and why I think this meal was worth trying, but not something I would necessarily seek out again.

Kristina This is an MVP for me, up there for my favorite of the day. Sesame Chicken is definitely not something you’d think of when you go to a baseball game, but the flavors were excellent and I loved how the fried rice was just below the chicken to mix in with every bite!

We want to thank the White Sox for their hospitality on Saturday. Let us know if you try these new offerings, and comment below what other types of food you’d like to see at Guaranteed Rate Field next!

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