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Visiting Dugout Episode 27 — Toronto Blue Jays

Chrystal and Justin chat about the start of the last homestand before the All-Star break

Coming off of an embarrassing series loss that was nearly a sweep by the worst team in the league, the White Sox return home to start fresh. The Blue Jays have a winning percentage of .529 in the hardest division — yes, they sit in fourth place with a winning record. Heading into Monday’s action, every team in the AL Central is worse than the worst team in the AL East. Justin Havelock joins the show to break down the series and Bo Bichette’s luscious locks.

  • In the American League East, all teams are above .500, yet the Blue Jays sit in fourth
  • What’s going on in Toronto?
  • Who is the team’s current MVP, and who could be on the trading block?
  • Vlad Jr. returns to the home run derby
  • Updates and opinions on the Rogers Center remodel
  • Questions from Twitter
  • Series matchup and pitching breakdowns
  • Fears, threats, and the keys to win the series
  • Around the league with Justin’s thoughts

Find Justin on Twitter (before it burns to the ground), and follow our podcast, Out Pitch Pod, or the accompanying Substack. You can also find Justin at Pitcher List and QB List.

If you would like to donate to an organization close to our hearts, check out Proud To Be In Baseball. Here is an excerpt from their About page:

Created by openly gay professional baseball player Bryan Ruby, Proud To Be In Baseball is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

Our mission is to empower and advocate for the next generation of LGBTQ people in baseball. A player-driven organization, leading with messages of love and acceptance, Proud To Be In Baseball provides resources, and educational opportunities, and raises awareness while building the LGBTQ community in America’s pastime.

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