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2022 NCAA Division I Men’s Baseball Championship

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White Sox select SS Jacob González in first round (No. 15 overall)

Established hitter with positional flexibility; if that sounds like a redundant pick in the the middle of the first round, you are correct

The White Sox made a return to conservative picks in grabbing another shortstop, Jacob González, in the first round.
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With the 15th overall pick in the 2023 MLB draft, the White Sox selected shortstop Jacob González from Ole Miss.

MLB Network

“We could not be more excited to add a talent like Jacob to the White Sox organization,” White Sox director of amateur scouting Mike Shirley said in a press release. “He shows power that continues to evolve, and his ability to control the barrel and strike zone are mature. His instincts to play shortstop are unique, as is his overall ability and how he approaches the game. Jacob shows up every day to play and is going to be a consistent performer for us. He was an integral part of an Ole Miss championship team, and he is going to bring that type of leadership to this organization.”

Yes, a teammate of current Winston-Salem Dash slugger and fellow NCAA champ Tim Elko, González is a 6´2´´lefty bat with great plate discipline. He is considered a solid defender, with positional flexibility being his top trait.

MLB Pipeline’s Jim Callis, after the pick was made on the MLB Network, noted that his 2023 season was a tad disappointing but then contradicted himself in saying that this was a great value pick for the White Sox, given that González had been regarded as highly as No. 6-8 in some mock drafts; this contradicts the fact that the shortstop came into the draft day as the No. 18 overall talent, as ranked by ... MLB Pipeline.

“Not the quickest guy,” Callis noted that González could have an “All-Star ceiling” as a shortstop but will not play as well as a third baseman, because his bat won’t carry a corner. Ex-MLBer Brian Dozier broke down González’s game and immediately pointed out that he bails on his swing and can be attack with pitches soft and away.

MLB Network

In what immediately was established as an unpredictable draft, several top-tier talents fell onto White Sox draft guru Shirley’s plate, including University of Florida righthander Hurston Waldrep and University of Arizona outfielder Chase Davis, but the White Sox opted for a safe pick at the only spot the club has any organizational depth.

The White Sox will pick later tonight in Round 2, No. 51 overall.

Jacob González’s Baseball Cube Talent Ratings

Durability 100
Contact 94
Runs 86
RBIs 80
Power 78
Hitting 75
XBH 70
Speed 37
Team Winning Pct. .672

2023 Chicago White Sox Draft Picks

First Round (No. 15 overall) Jacob González, SS (ranked No. 18 on MLB Pipeline)

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Fourth Round (No. 131 overall): Jordan Sprinkle, SS (ranked No. 140 on MLB Pipeline)
Fifth Round (No. 161 overall): Tyler Schweitzer, LHSP (ranked No. 210 on MLB Pipeline)
Sixth Round (No. 191 overall): Eric Adler, RHRP (ranked No. 242 on MLB Pipeline)
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Ninth Round (No. 281 overall): Michael Turner, C
10th Round (No. 311 overall): Tim Elko, 1B
11th Round (No. 341 overall): Jacob Burke, CF
12th Round (No. 371 overall): Brooks Baldwin, RF
13th Round (No. 401 overall): Mason Adams, RHSP
14th Round (No. 431 overall): Shane Murphy, LHP
15th Round (No. 461 overall): Billy Seidl, RHP
16th Round (No. 491 overall): Tristan Stivors, RHRP
17th Round (No. 521 overall): Nick Altermatt, RHSP/SS
18th Round (No. 551 overall): Bryce Willits, 3B
19th Round (No. 581 overall): Drake Logan, 3B
20th Round (No. 661 overall): Ethan Hammerberg, RHRP

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