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Bird App Recap: Rangers 2, White Sox 0

I’m starting to think this team won’t win another game this season

No fancy tweet for the lineup. It had to be quickly updated as the Trade Deadline Fire Sale was still hot and we were a man down at second base. The White Sox make a stop in Arlington to face the first-place Rangers.

The bright light known as Jake Burger is heading to Miami with my heart. Keynan Middleton makes his way to New York to join the last-place Yankees.

Here is a little salt to rub in your wound. I promise I’ll get to this game at some point.

At least we have the future of the team still in Triple-A, while Elvis Andrus gets tonight’s start.

Not a lot going on for either team so far.

I’d love some runs from the Sox, but 0-0 is comfortable for now. Scholtens has kept the Rangers quiet for three innings.

So close. So damn close to a two-run lead.

I’m just so glad we kept all the power hitters on the team. Wait.

Scholtens gives up a run in the bottom of the fifth.

Time for some retaliation. What about Ja —

At least we have a pitching change for Texas. Maybe this team can do something against Josh Sborz.

Nothing from the Sox. But the Rangers got another run in.

There is a scumbag, whoops, setup man on the mound for the Rangers. Now would be the perfect time to get those bats hot, boys. Tee off.

Or not. Whatever.

Welp. The Sox are shut out in just under two hours.

Will everyone join me in a little scream therapy? I’ll countdown to three and we’ll all just scream into the void, 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

I’m so glad Rick Hahn let everyone know this is NOT a rebuild and they’ll be contenders next year! He’ll just talk to you after the parade.

Whatever. See y’all tomorrow.


Who had the best tweet?

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    @SDJ5K: Competing in 2024
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  • 12%
    @SoxTwitt3r: Playoff Viable for 2024
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  • 25%
    @KHallNation: 18 innings without a run
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  • 12%
    @michaelphoulih4: The Sox could use a Burger Bomb
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  • 31%
    @localguy76: 3D Printer as Dunning
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