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Sharing Sox Podcast 114 — That was the week that was

As the White Sox suffered culture shock

South Side Sox duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, manage to take a moment off from this week’s White Sox weirdness to agree wholeheartedly with an article in The Athletic bemoaning the fact official scorers are terrified of ruling errors any more, to the point any routine booting of a grounder or drop of a fly is deemed a hit, and only throws into at least row Q will be scored with a big E.

That example of players not being held responsible for their actions then just naturally led to the White Sox Week That Was, full of a bizarre boxarama (spoiler alert: We politely suggest some mental health help for a certain member of the Sox who has appeared very troubled this year) followed by accusations of a deceased culture in the Sox clubhouse, reinforcement of that accusation, denial of that accusation, and then a whole bunch more accusations of lax effort or attitude on the part of certain players. Whew!

And if that wasn’t enough, there was Rick Hahn, holder of law and business degrees giving the business in a way no lawyer would ever advise to all the players who were traded at the deadline by saying they got rid of the problem people.

Who did he mean? The pitiful Chicago media forgot to ask, so all six of those traded except Keynan Middleton, who got a separate blast from the pitiful GM, are open for speculation. None seem likely culprits, but maybe there was a six-player conspiracy.

Got a favorite? Feel free to take a guess in the comments.

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