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Bird App Recap: A bad baseball brew

And we’ll do it our way! Lose, that is ...

Happy Friday, Friends! The Brew Crew is in town, to take on the Pale Hose on the South Side!

This bit is probably very tired for most readers, but I don’t care, it still amuses me. And if we can’t be entertained while watching bad baseball, what are we even doing here?

Another of Pedro’s inexplicable lineups:

Because we can’t jeopardize wins for the sake of development after all ...

Of course Elvis has to start on Elvis Night:

On the bump tonight:

In a bit of pop-culture news:

And 30 years later, it’s still iconic:

The 1993 Sox are my all-time favorite White Sox team. Has it really been 30 years already? Damn, I’m old.

Ouch. I mean, he’s not wrong ...

If you know, you know.

On to the tweets this lovely Friday evening!

Kopech walks three, but strands the bases loaded after a big strikeout.

I mean, its true.


Moncada fouls one off his shin, then lines ones off the glove of Santana at first base, and we have a tie ballgame!

Andrew Vaughn hits a lazy pop fly to short left center that no Brewer wants to catch, it falls in for a hit, and everyone advances!

Doesn’t look that way.

A Yaz sacrifice fly to left puts the Sox up, 2-1!

I know, it’s hard for us to believe, too.

One pitch into the second inning ...

Sox bats score, Sox pitchers giveth right back ...

Benny singles in the third. Eloy unties it!

Pale Hose up, 5-2, but White Sox gonna White Sox ...

It’s true. But maybe so do the Brew Crew?

Brewers put two men on with nobody out, so of course Pedro goes to his comfort blanket ...

A Yelich single loads the bases ...

A bases-loaded dribbler back to the mound that draws a throwing error by Bummer makes it 6-5, Milwaukee ...

Things that needed to happen in this game:

Talk about missed opportunities!

FML ...

A Mark Canha double off of Jimmy Lambert scores the ghost run, and it’s 7-6, Brewers in the 10th.

No arguments here.

Final score: Brewers 7, Sox 6.

Sox give this one away. If they have to lose, at least it helps Milwaukee fend off a much-hated team nipping at their heels in the NL Central. Silver linings, I guess ...


Who had the best tweet on the night?

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  • 87%
    @liddle_ktina - Elvis facing Elvis
    (7 votes)
  • 0%
    @SpaghettiC11 - so white sox
    (0 votes)
  • 0%
    @yelichfans - would be such a Bummer
    (0 votes)
  • 0%
    @joshwaldoch - Brewers to play down to the White Sox level
    (0 votes)
  • 0%
    @kevin_barnacle - Jesus definitely didn’t believe
    (0 votes)
  • 12%
    @ckovash - appropriately dressed
    (1 vote)
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