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Sharing Sox Podcast 114 — The trade deadline passeth

And no more Burger on the menu

South Side Sox duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, took time out from warming up in case the White Sox need them to fill out the bullpen to talk about the heavy activity and non-activity on trade deadline day.

The final Sox tally, pending judicial review, was six pitchers gone, along with Jake Burger, who is headed to Miami. Incoming are a whole bunch of prospects of various minor league levels, almost all pitchers, but including two well-regarded catchers (thank goodness).

The pitchers weren’t a surprise, but Burger was, because he’s second on the team in home runs with 25, though admittedly seldom gets on base unless he’s hit the ball at least 500 feet. Burger’s departure is some more cleaning out of the crowd of Sox DHs, so there are only about 10 left. Also left are Tim Anderson and Yasmani Grandal, for some reason.

That made the Sox by far the most active AAAL Central team, as the Twins apparently didn’t pay their phone bills or forgot what time of the season it was, and the Guardians inexplicably traded away their only healthy veteran pitcher, Aaron Civale, as well as Josh Bell.

Speaking of the inexplicable, the most bizarre twist of the day was Eduardo Rodriguez refusing to waive his no-trade clause so the Tigers could trade him to the Dodgers. We figure it must be because he doesn’t want to have to play baseball in October.

But now all that is done, so Will and Leigh naturally have lots of advice for how to organize lineups the rest of the season. Hint: Let the kids play, OK?

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