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Bird App Recap: Rangers 11, White Sox 1

The Slavko Bekovic game

Chrystal O'Keefe is an Indiana native who balances her time between Indianapolis and Chicago. She enjoys being a mother, wife and author. In her down time she enjoys petting every dog she sees, getting tattoos, baking and advocating for causes she believes in. But most of all, she enjoys tweeting during baseball and hockey to calm her nerves. You can follow her nonsense here: @chrystal_ok.

I hate to do this to you, but bad news first. Though as White Sox fans, we’re all used to bad news. Liam Hendriks underwent Tommy John surgery, with a timeline of 12-14 months. It’s not fair, and I fear this will be the end of his time on the White Sox, and maybe even in Major League Baseball.

Now for tonight’s lineup of misfit baseball players. Dylan Cease takes the mound for the White Sox.

The guys face off against our old friend Dane Dunning, the most consistent pitcher on the Rangers.

The White Sox leave three on base and the Rangers take advantage right away.

I can’t believe fans were hoping for competent players who can hit the ball.

IS THAT WHAT YOU GUYS WANT? Yes, Slavko. That would’ve been cool.

Seager drives in another run to make it 3-0, Rangers. Ethan Katz makes his second mound visit with Cease at 53 pitches in the second. To Josh’s point, that won’t take long at all at this rate.

Another base hit for Texas, and another run scored.

Cease loads the bases with one out. I really can’t wait until the White Sox are checks notes, contending next year.

Now it’s 7-0, still in the second inning.

Cease is pulled at 79 pitches in the second after walking another batter with two outs.

Dunning pitches through an easy 1-2-3 inning.

Shall we see how two of the farm teams are faring tonight?

Now back to what we missed. Oh.

Josh Young homers on two strikes to make it 9-0.

It’s 11-0 after a two-run blast from Semien.

Dunning ends the seventh with 84 pitches, and the White Sox still haven’t scored.

Seby Zavala actually did something — he prevented a shutout and ended a 26-inning scoreless streak. Just 11 runs are needed to win.

We all know that’s impossible for this team.

Quick turnaround, friends. But not for me, I’m off for a few days.


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