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MLB: Chicago White Sox at Chicago Cubs

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Chicago White Sox Limp To the Finish Line

Silver linings are becoming harder to find

The only redeemable player for the White Sox this season has been Luis Robert Jr.
| Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Even with Luis Robert Jr.’s star shining bright as he continues his breakout campaign, an awfully dark shadow is lingering on what’s left of this 2023 Chicago White Sox campaign. What remains of the White Sox core has been equal parts injured and disappointing, and dejected post-game interviews further illustrate what looks to be a bleak short-term future rather than the adjusted window of contention that GM Rick Hahn claims.

Add to the mix a clubhouse atmosphere that is, at best, strained, and it’s clear that this team desperately needs a more significant shake-up than any trade deadline can provide. Even if only half of the stories leaked to the press are true, that’s far too many problems for a team that isn’t exactly young at this point.

Fingers continue to point in every direction, but baseball is a results-oriented job, and, more than anything— leadership or otherwise— this team lacks production. For pride’s sake, one would hope that these competitors would show up day in and day out rather than lose a series to borderline major league teams like the Colorado Rockies.

Guys like Lenyn Sosa and Oscar Colás need to get major league at-bats; it is just unfortunate that they are happening on a team that lacks fundamentals or any player development.

Sure, the on-field and off-field drama makes for an easy troll job on social media, aka Rick Hahn’s cesspool. Still, it’s important to remember that three years ago, there were serious conversations about this team making a deep playoff run. Now it’s hard to imagine the organization making the necessary changes to sniff a possible playoff berth.

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