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Bird App Recap: White Sox 10, Rockies 5

Rocky road trip ends on a high note

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Colorado Rockies
Dylan wasn’t able to put an end to the haters but the White Sox managed to win anyway
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another bad White Sox game. At least things started off well for Dylan Cease.

We even had some power courtesy of Andrew Vaughn.

Unfortunately, Charlie Blackmon decided to take over.

Like, really take over. For the second day in a row.

Meanwhile, Zach Remillard had a hard time against the elements.

And the White Sox brain trust allowed Cease to face off against Harold Castro with predictable results.

An unpredictable strike zone brought out the ire of one Elvis Andrus. I wonder who could possibly replace him?

Oh, they figured it out.

And a good thing too.

It wasn’t just Sosa— Oscar Colás got in on the action, too.

They make a fair point.

Somehow, in spite of themselves, the White Sox won.