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Bird App Recap: Mariners 14, White Sox 1

Nothing good is happening here


I can confirm the Mariners have not spent their season sleeping in Seattle. After sweeping the Astros this weekend, they are just a half-game back in the American League West. Now they come to play the very sleepy Chicago White Sox. This lineup is airtight though, so Luis Castillo better watch out.

Good news, Eloy is back from paternity leave. Bad news, It’s 5-0 after the top of the first inning.

Not a home run, but an RBI double that was smoked off the bat at 108.8 mph. it’s now 5-1.

This is the only reason anyone watches these days.

I don’t know how the Mariners scored two more runs to make it 7-1, but here’s a really great highlight from Luis Robert Jr.

The bases are loaded in the top of the sixth and the ball was fisted. Teehee.

It’s 9-1. Nobody is surprised.

We pause to consider the following:

At least it’s pretty on the South side.

Big Dumper makes it 12-1. That’s his second home run tonight.

It’s only getting worse. Another home run gives the Mariners a baker's dozen.

It is now 14-1 and this is my main takeaway from tonight’s broadcast:

Decisions are being made. It’s okay if you still want to go to games and see you’re friends.

Nothing could be better than the vibes in the clubhouse right now. I am sure of it.

See you tomorrow?


Who had the best tweet tonight?

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