I Told You This Was Coming

From my August 20, 2022 Fan Post (almost exactly one year ago...):

‘The Owner’ and a Sox Master Plan?


"But as this train wreck of season plods on into new levels of defeat and absurdity... one begins to wonder about another potential reason for why the Sox are doing what They are in every corner of The Organization.

What If...

Things are going EXACTLY as The Owner and The Manager want them to. Along with the Sox ‘Baseball People’ who increasingly (to outsiders) look like they have no idea what They are doing.

Why would They possibly want to do this to the Sox and Sox fans?

Here’s a scenario.

The Owner is pissed at the City of Chicago and Sox fans in particular. He wanted to be the ‘Beloved Owner’ in town... but that never happened.

And he’s good and pissed about that. So...

He has ordered his entire Sox organization TO TANK. NOT JUST THIS SEASON, BUT THE WHOLE FRANCHISE IN CHICAGO.

Maybe he realizes that the way the South Side ball park was constructed was a colossal disappointment. And he knows that he can’t strong arm the State again and get taxpayer money to fund a new Sox stadium in the coming years. And he sure won’t use his.


He – or his Estate – is going to sell out. Sell the Franchise. But NOT to new Chicago owners or people that will keep the Sox in Chicago.

Maybe ‘They’ have decided that the Sox are going to be sold and moved out of Chicago.

That They are that pissed at the City and Chicago fans who failed to embrace him as The Beloved Owner.

New Out-of-Town Owners would quickly scoop-up the Franchise and move the Sox away from Chicago. And that would be a stipulation of the deal.

Maybe THAT is why everyone with the Sox organization seems to be doing what they are. And not doing what they should be doing.

Most men well-up in years would do everything they could to have a winning team because time is growing short and you want to see a Championship. But that’s not happening with the Sox.

So maybe this entire Season makes total sense. Because no other reason seems to make any sense at all.

Incompetent? Or maybe... just successfully executing The Plan.

He threatened to move the Sox thirty years ago and damn near did it. Maybe this time he gets it done."

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