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Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Unwilling to remove himself, GM Rick Hahn has been escorted from the premises.
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Rick Hahn and Ken Williams are out

White Sox seek accountability for disappointing season

The White Sox announced the ouster of the two most-senior front office executives in the organization, in a statement issued on Tuesday afternoon.

The move comes as the White Sox (49-76) have endured one of the most disappointing seasons in the history of the storied franchise. Multiyear deals for key free agents and returning talent signaled that the Sox were geared up to compete for the division crown in 2023. Before the season, many publications and pundits predicted a resurgent White Sox team studded with youth and potential would secure the AL Central title in 2023.

It was apparent by the All-Star break, however, that the luster of a potential return to form in 2023 had worn down and run its course. The White Sox moved a series of franchise favorite players on expiring contracts for promising prospects in what Hahn described as a “retooling,” with the goal to compete in 2024. A number of reports from departing players and internal sources indicated a complete disconnect between the baseball operations department, led by Hahn and Williams, and the players and coaching staff. Rumors of dysfunction in within the organization spread like wildfire through every corner of sports news media.

What the Hahn/Williams ouster means for the prospective near-future contention window is unclear. Despite the deals made to replenish the Sox’s depleted minor league system at the deadline, the South Siders still sport a farm system that ranks in the bottom-third of the league, according to many prognosticators.

The White Sox have announced their intention to search for a sole successor to both Hahn and Williams, seeking to consolidate the baseball operations leadership department to just one role. The goal, according to a statement by chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, is to have the Hahn/Williams successor in place by “... the end of the season.”

Hahn departs with the distinction of being the least successful general manager in professional sports over the past decade.

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