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Bird App Recap: Sox suck, eat Arby’s

Just sell the dang team already

Well, there are still more White Sox games this season.

Here's the lineup for what undoubtedly is one of said games.

If nothing else, Pedro has his boss's back.

Unsurprisingly, not many fans there see it.

2023 White Sox number three starter Jesse Scholtens strikes out the side in the first.

This would indeed have to be some kind of record.

Move over, Luis; there is a new White Sox home run champ. 1-0, good guys.

Andrew Benintedi's fourth home run ties him with the number of years he has left on his contract.

It's a quick six-pitch second for Scholtens, but unfortunately, the best we can hope for now is 24 Ks.

Daily check-in on whether Elvis Andrus is still getting starts for this team over young guys.

Thursday, August 24, 2023: Yes.

The Korey Lee Game.

Luis Robert is so good at baseball, and he robs another home run in classic LRJ fashion.

Andrew Benintendi is unable to match Luis's jumping ability.

3-1, Athletics.

It still counts!

As a rabid Rikuu stan, I concur.

Very loud "Sell The Team" chants from a sparsely populated stadium provide the soundtrack to the fifth inning.

Both owners, preferably. Please.

Okay, Jason. Sure.

Yet Elvis Andrus persists and homers to make it 3-2, A's.

Korey Lee hustles to second on a throwing error, Benintendi gets an RBI, and Luis Robert hits one into Lake Michigan.

5-3, White Sox.

"Did we just become best friends?"


5-4, Sox.

A dude named Langaliers chases Scholtens with his second homer.

Jimmy Lambert enters in relief. 5-5, tie.

Errors and extra bases leading to runs?

For the White Sox?

Since when?

Another homer for the Vegas-bound green team.

It's 7-5, bad guys.

Then again ...

The White Sox ran into the Big Green Machine tonight.

He's not wrong.

Sox get two men on but fail to keep the inning alive as Oscar Colás doesn't run out the dropped third strike.

Nope, just the South Siders wetting themselves when the big, bad Oakland Athletics come to town.

The Pale Hose lost and will continue to exist.

Time is an illusion as we march towards our deaths.

Eat Arby's and watch the White Sox.


Who had the best tweet of the night?

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  • 20%
    @tom_paints: Sox are the worst
    (5 votes)
  • 37%
    @WSXEMAN: 5 HRs to the A’s is insane
    (9 votes)
  • 41%
    @Mattheius2783: Sell the Team chants
    (10 votes)
  • 0%
    @Nick_GGTB: August Andrus
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