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Chicago White Sox v Pittsburgh Pirates

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Gamethread: Athletics at White Sox

what if you held a game and no one came

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We have increasingly thrown around the term fan murdering, because that is what the White Sox have been doing, by and large, since the Rick Hahn Rebuild. And surely that is what they’ve been doing since signing [redacted]. Or was it hiring Tony La Russa? Powdering Omar Vizquel’s ass while showing him the door while aware of his sexual predator behavior? Inviting Drake LaRoche to suit up like a big big big big big boy in daddy’s Major League Baseball locker room?

All that said, until last night, the concept of fan murdering was theoretical.

Thankfully, execution of the concept hasn’t been pulled off yet still, but goddam it got too close to comfort.

I’m sure there were other creative routes to take this lede, but I’m sick and tired, both literally sick and tired after getting my first break from the White Sox in six years, but also figuratively sick and tired of this disgusting team that sinks deeper and deeper into the slime. So here’s the gamethread. Have fun with it tonight, fellow tortured soul Chrystal O’Keefe will be around postgame to provide your recap.

Hopefully the lives claimed tonight will just be figurative. Can’t be sure any longer.

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