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Bird App Recap: Orioles 9, White Sox 0

I have no feelings anymore

Gavin Sheets is taking the White Sox on a trip to his hometown to start the week, and everybody is scared about what is to come against the AL East leading Orioles. Everybody is me. This very scary lineup will try to come out on top this week.

Some Baltimore operatives would like to keep your questions at bay. We can’t blame Orioles fans for not wanting to watch this stink.

A quiet first inning for the Os. They threaten in the second, but Michael Kopech gets out of a runners on second and third, nobody out situation.

It helps that Adley Rutchsman and company have been chasing early.

It’s 2-0 and one at-bat later, chaos has ensued. I don’t even know how to type out what happened at second base.

After a successful challenge for the White Sox, there are two outs instead of just one. Don’t be a silly goose on the basepaths.

None of this is great.

A very large cross has appeared on Kopech’s glove. God is not helping him do good things on the mound. It’s 4-0.

Just, yikes. Sammy Peralta pitched two scoreless innings, though.

Luis Robert Jr. singles to start the top of the seventh. The single bounced off the pitcher’s back before making it to center field.

Joan Jett has stolen the show.

Here she is showing that she remembers when Fernando Valenzuela pitched for the Orioles.

An unsuccessful challenge in the eighth for the White Sox. They’re 1-1 tonight in that department, even though many are convinced they should be 2-0.

Peralta pitched three scoreless innings. Edgar Navarro did not.

Robert takes a double away from Rutschman with a web gem.

He’s playing for the White Sox. You have to wonder.

Anthony Santander adds a three-run home run. My sadness continues.

A 9-0 loss, and I am wanting to hop on a different bandwagon.

Tune in tomorrow, I guess.


Who is tonight’s top poster?

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  • 39%
    @eazyzmane: I hope Luis is happy
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  • 17%
    @zombie_jacki: embroidery isn’t helping
    (5 votes)
  • 32%
    @pitchingninja: Joan Jett’s screwball form
    (9 votes)
  • 10%
    @SoxTwitt3r: swinging at pitches a foot out of the zone
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