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Dugout Metrics Podcast 8 — Trade deadline review

Trevor Lines and Malachi Hayes hop on with Brett Ballantini to break down each trade of the latest Rick Hahn reshuffle

After almost two years away, Dugout Metrics is back, and bolstered by a new teammate, pitcher/analyst Malachi Hayes, who sits down with Trevor Lines and Brett Ballantini to review Rick Hahn’s Big Trade Deadline Adventure.

  • Dugout Metrics left fielder Luke Smailes has been traded! We needed pitching, badly
  • Up top, did Hahn execute at this deadline about as well as expected, better, worse?
  • Breaking down everything, trade by trade. Importing some catching, good; expecting greatness of hurlers jettisoned by a pitcher-strengthening organization like the Dodgers, a bit dicey
  • But, broadly, Hahn took some big swings, a necessity for a team in the bottom-five in baseball, and a minors system no better
  • A dive into players not dealt, which of course features a ton of Dylan cease talk but also moves into both, hmm, why not Aaron Bummer and, hmm, who in the world else has any luster for other clubs?
  • Malachi makes a strong case for why Tim Anderson was never close to being dealt, and never should have been
  • On a scale of 1-10, how did Hahn do?
  • What is Hahn’s future with the club, as his post-deadline comments indicate there might be some writing on the wall
  • Also, just kidding, Luke was dealt away for this podcast, but he’s back tomorrow to break down the 2023 draft class!

Listen on the Megaphone player above, or check out this and the entire family of Sox Pop podcasts on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. You can also watch the podcast at the Sox Populi YouTube channel.

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