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Bird App Recap: Birds go down!

Beyond our own disbelief and despite all of the evidence to the contrary, it is in fact possible for the White Sox to score more runs that their opponent

Your Chicago White Sox look (52-81) to avoid the sweep in the matinee matchup with the Baltimore Orioles (83-49) this lovely Wednesday afternoon. If you missed the first two games, and for the sake of your sanity I hope you did, the South Siders lost by a combined score of 18-3. Yes, 18-3. Calling the games ugly would be kind, and kindness is certainly not something this team has earned.

Here’s first year (and hopefully only year) manager Pedro Grifol’s lineup on this getaway Wednesday:

When everything sucks this bad, does it even matter what they do at this point? Still, I will never understand what purpose Yasmani Grandal or Elvis Andrus serve at this juncture on a team 29 games worse than .500. It is August 30, and the time for playing washed-up veterans has long passed.

Whatever, I guess ...

On the bump for the visiting White Sox, Dylan Cease. Kyle Gibson takes the ball for the home Orioles,

Seeing that it is another day that ends in Y, here’s this embarrassing White Sox tidbit:

Are we still waiting to talk to Rick after the parade? Oh wait, he was ceremoniously let go, and will most certainly be replaced by an even less qualified yes-man. So there’s that. At least our baseball equilibrium remains intact.

Oof. What a couple of weeks.


These are pretty sweet!

So, can the Pale Hose avoid a sweep at the hands of the Orange Birds? Tune in to find out!

Or don’t. Seriously, don’t. Don’t watch this dreck. Avert your gaze. Save your mental health. Find anything better to do with your afternoon. For all that is good and holy ...

Lets get to the tweets, shall we?

First batter of the game, and Pedro is gonna Pedro ...

Sox go 1-2-3 ...

Bottom of the first, and it’s quickly 1-0, Orioles ...

Yeah, the O’s are pretty good ...

Good question ...

It’s 3-0, O’s early and fans are asking:

O’s good, Sox not:

Eloy leads of the second inning with a single, and Andrew Vaughn cuts the lead in half!

Yaz singles and Oscar Colás ties the game on one swing!

White Sox respond in the second with four runs of their own. How often has that happened??

Luis Robert Jr. gets a fastball to his liking and makes it 5-4, White Sox!

Yes they are!

Why yes, yes you can.

Back-to-back doubles makes it 6-4, White Sox! What is going on here?!

Check that:

Because we can’t have nice things:

Seems like a good bet.

An Elvis single, Oscar walk, a Tim Anderson bloop single, and an error on Cedric Mullins makes it 9-5!

Benny double makes it 10-5! What has gotten into these White Sox?

In a Bizarro world week in this very bizarre season, would this surprise anyone, ha-ha?

Hey, uh, Pedro, the game isn’t over yet ...

The Orioles put two on with nobody out in the bottom of the ninth, but Gregory Santos gets a big double play to win the game!

Even in victory, Sox fans know they can’t have nice things ...

Following the White Sox is much like watching this gif unfold ...

Just sell the team already, Jerry ...


Who had the best tweet on the afternoon?

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    @EllaJay912 - Sox scored 10 runs?
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    @TheJShield - And I took it personally
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  • 27%
    @TheJShield - switched uniforms
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  • 45%
    @maddie_spagnola - 2022 Cease a fluke?
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