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Special Edition Bird App Recap: Jerry getz his man ...

We are indeed living on the stupidest timeline imaginable

Chicago White Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf smokes a cigar, ever pleased with his decision-making skills
| Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

In the least surprising and most obvious move for Jerry Reinsdorf’s clown car organization, Chris Getz was named the new senior vice president and general manager for the Chicago White Sox on Thursday morning.

Multiple reports circled around on social media Wednesday evening, and the tweet we were all awaiting with bated breath dropped early Thursday. This is what constitutes significant organizational change, and the cowardly org announced the “promotion” (?) via a press release on Twitter. Because, of course, they did. We knew there was no way JR was showing his face or even saying a single word to the media. This, sadly, is par for the course in South Side fandom nowadays.

The response from Sox fans on Twitter was about as delicious as expected:

She’s not the only one thinking of jumping ship. This is what 40 years of Reinsdorfian ownership has done.

Pretty much.

Well, that’s it, friends. The Getz era is upon us — another unqualified Yes-man to lead your favorite team to new heights of glorious, stupefying embarrassment.

Bravo, Jerry, Bravo!

Los Angeles Dodgers 9, Chicago White Sox 6

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