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Dugout Metrics Podcast 9 — A deep dive into the 2023 draft

Luke Smailes and Brett Ballantini detail the many pluses, and a few minuses, of the latest Mike Shirley class

In an unprecedented burst of activity, the often elusive Dugout Metrics podcast goes back-to-back episodes, this time tapping Luke Smailes and his article series on the 2023 collegiate picks for the White Sox. Luke, fresh off of Lumen Field in Seattle, where he was so close to the draft he could smell Harold Reynolds’ aftershave, sat down with Brett Ballantini to share his many insights:

  • First off, yes, Brett claimed that he re-signed Luke to a more lucrative Dugout Metrics deal, but Luke spilled the real beans, that he simply invoked the no-trade clause in his deal. Smart man, because he got to come back on better terms than ever — thus a first-ever Dugout Metrics one-on-one!
  • With a nod to top pick Jacob González, Luke reveals his Best Pick of the White Sox draft — a tweener whose selection was met with more groans than cheers
  • As Most Intriguing Pick, it’s a pitcher with pedigree, and the confidence to match it
  • Least Exciting Pick is a tough category, but Luke did find two guys in the Top 12 to highlight as question marks
  • Most Out of the Box Pick is the funkiest and quirkiest pitcher of the bunch
  • We addressed another six picks beyond that, covering almost all of the collegians, and even found time to celebrate the George Wolkow coup
  • Draft trends for the White Sox: BB/K ratio, College World Series pedigree, and lefty bats. What of those traits are most important to Luke?
  • An assessment, early though it may be, of the two Mike Shirley drafts
  • Bonus Horned Frogs and Joe Kelly content, for the Dugout Metrics superfans!

Listen on the Megaphone player above, or check out this and the entire family of Sox Pop podcasts on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. You can also watch the podcast at the Sox Populi YouTube channel.

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