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Bird App Recap: White Sox 5, Guardians 3

A wild night gives way to wild ninth-inning rally

After a wild game last night in Cleveland, Peacock called the Chicago White Sox out to an early start for Sunday morning’s finale. It turned out to be a great come-from-behind win, but understandably, most of what folks were discussing on Twitter was last night’s fight between Tim Anderson and the Guardians’ José Ramírez.

Even out-of-towners are invested in the drama.

Anderson took a planned day off, which I suppose will pair nicely with the forced days off that are coming his way.

But enough about that.

It’s Jesse Scholtens Day!

The rookie did not disappoint.

The Good Guys got on the board first, and the joke was just RIGHT THERE; someone had to take it. Thank you to this user for selflessly stepping forward.

Unfortunately, the lead didn’t last very long. In the bottom of the fifth inning and with a runner on, Gabriel Arias took Sholtens deep to tie the game.

The tie didn’t last very long, either. (Don’t worry. We won’t stay mad at Elvis Andrus for long.)

With the win out of hand, Sholtens passed the ball to fellow rookie Lane Ramsey, who made a rather pleasant debut.

Are you sure we didn’t pick this guy up from THE GIANTS?!

(Sorry. I’ll see myself out.)

Luis Robert Jr. continues to be an island of good in an otherwise bad season, making a fantastic grab in center field that put WST into a tizzy.

Is everyone ready for the good part? Because here comes the good part. White Sox fans are used to their team letting leads slip through their fingers. But this morning, the shoe was on the other foot. Against a divisional rival and especially after what happened last night, the schadenfreude was delicious.

With the bases full, Andrus brought in two runs on a two-out single and TOTALLY REDEEMED HIMSELF!

It was a wild ride.

And in the midst of a really awful season, we can at least hang our hats on this:


Rollercoaster win today, who had the best tweet?

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  • 4%
    @MrDelicious13: TA Has Fight
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  • 8%
    @SoxMach_pnoles: Pedro’s B.S.
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  • 17%
    @Just_a_Worm25: No Lectures
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  • 21%
    @ChiSoxFanMike: Jesse Scholtens Day
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  • 13%
    @SlangsOnSports: WPA Ride
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  • 34%
    @Ecnerwal23: Solace in Beating
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