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Visiting Dugout Episode 33 — New York Yankees

Chrystal and Asher break down the next White Sox opponent

In this episode, two bitter baseball fans chat about their below-average teams. That’s right, we’re talking about the White Sox and Yankees! I also had a headache while recording, so things get a little loosey-goosey. That being said, Asher Dratel from Pitcher List joins to chat about the Yankees, and why everything is so bad right now. Twitter brought a lot of good questions, and as a content warning, we do discuss alcohol abuse and domestic violence in light of recent events involving Domingo Germán.

The lack of a pitching matchup at the time of the recording is also discussed, as both teams face pitching woes. At least the Yankees have Gerrit Cole. We also talk break down our expectations for the series, and move on to teams that are way more fun to watch right now.

  • The White Sox are bad, but the Yankees are, too!
  • What’s going on in the Bronx, anyway?
  • Despite Aaron Judge returning to the lineup, it’s a little too late to mount a comeback
  • The Yankees MVP not named Aaron Judge
  • Will Carlos Rodón get better?
  • How badly did the Yankees fumble the trade deadline?
  • Old friend alert, though
  • Twitter questions!
  • Pitching matchups are non-xistent at the moment, and that’s pretty telling
  • Touki Toussaint appreciation break
  • Fears, threats, and the keys to winning the series
  • Around the league

Find Asher on Twitter and over at Pitcher List.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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