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Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
Dylan Cease sitting out games in Canada in 2022 due to vaccination mistrust currently ranks No. 574 on the list of stupid things about the Chicago White Sox.
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Gamethread: Yankees at White Sox

The nation’s laughingstock attempts to gain some respect back with a Cease start

Happy Monday, White Sox fans, and happy Dylan Cease Day. With the landslide of humiliating White Sox news throttling our inboxes, it probably can’t get much worse for us fans. Perhaps we’ll be granted a respite day with ol’ reliable on the mound.

With Tim Anderson’s six-game suspension not yet in process, he remains in the lineup for this series opener.

Maybe the boys will get their offensive asses in gear coming off a series win against the Guardians, or maybe Keynan Middleton’s interview about the dismal, consequence-free clubhouse of shame will break the rest of the remaining sliver of spirit that lives in the organization. No hate on Middleton for reporting the state of the union, and I hope he finds more structure with the Yankees. He certainly has gotten a heavy dose of the grooming gestapo, if that’s the structure he’s been longing for.

The nation may despise the Yankees as a whole, but I’d rather have a hated winning team than a forgotten losing one. Here’s their winning lineup:

At least we’re suffering together, White Sox fans.

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