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Bird App Recap: Doubleheader Edition

Chrystal watched 18 innings of baseball so you didn’t have to

Curse of the belt?
| @losingugly

A bunch of washed-up former Royals-turned-White Sox take on the current Royals to find out which team is actually the worst. Through two games.

The vibe is immaculate on this fine September day.

Dylan Cease had a nice first inning. Can’t say the same for the other guy.

But who cares? We’ll take an early lead.

One run is allowed in the fourth.

Singer has calmed down considerably since a bad for him/good for us first inning.

Cease, thankfully, had a comeback outing after his last few bad starts.

Bryan Shaw enters the ballgame after Cease allowed a walk and a hit in the sixth.

Cue the fireworks?

At least I can depend on my giant friend.

Time for the second game!

It almost looks as if people left?

Before I could write a witty caption, this score predictor was already debunked. The Royals took a big, early lead, 4-0.

At least we have some good guys in the minors.

Please make it happen. (It didn’t happen.)

In fact, the offense couldn’t do anything.

The second inning wouldn’t prove to be any better, with some walks and a three-run homer from Michael Massey.

Meanwhile, it’s looking bad for the Sox.

Meanwhile, Touki gets the collar in the second inning, as it’s 8-0, Royals.

Ominous belt from the timeline.

It’s now 9-0 in the third.

Let’s check in on Tim Eiko.

This game still sucks in the fifth. Here are more dogs.



Zach Remillard has an RBI double, and Moncada follows with an RBI single. But wait, Andrew Vaughn hits a line-drive double! And Luis Robert Jr. with a single.

No outs, it’s now 9-5 with one on, and the bullpen starts quickly warming up for the Royals.

Six straight hits, as the Big Baby singles. Jordan Lyles exits.

The bases are loaded after a walk. With one out now, we must rely on Gavin Sheets.


With a sac fly from Lenyn Sosa, the Sox tie it up! The 11th batter approaches the plate, but becomes the third out of the inning.

Everyone is perplexed.

The Royals regain the lead with one on and one out.

Finally, the White Sox are not being made fun of by this account!

Kopech gives up another run, putting the Royals up by two.

While Robert was able to knock in one, it was on a fielder’s choice out, and ultimately would not be enough to keep the inning alive. The Royals walk away with a split doubleheader, winning 11-10.


Who had the best tweet of the night?

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  • 18%
    @VinceGalloro: Lyles the cartoon character
    (3 votes)
  • 6%
    @JakeBrownRadio: Simba Cam
    (1 vote)
  • 18%
    @losingugly: Beltgate
    (3 votes)
  • 56%
    @Zombie_Jacki: Plans to compete in 2024
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