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Sharing Sox Podcast 117 — Just two weeks to go!

The end is near — hallelujah!

Will the White Sox make it to 100 losses? SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, ponder the odds of making the magic number, as the Sox press onward toward the famed century mark.

The duo also delve fundamentally into fundamentals, starting with the lack thereof on the part of Oscar Colás and on to the lack thereof on the part of most of the White Sox, with Will reporting on how hard he sees other major league players working — players on good teams — compared to the visible (lack of) work ethic of the White Sox and other underachieving teams. Gee, could it be the dysfunction of the whole Sox organization leads to dysfunction on the field?

After a look into all the categories of hitting, fielding and pitching where the White Sox are at or near the bottom of the majors, it’s on to questions of the future, including what will be Chris Getz’s first big decision (well, first except for where to plant his lips on Jerry Reinsdorf’s keister, be it a new spot of the one he’s used for the last seven years): Whether to pick up Tim Anderson’s 2024 option. Both think TA wants out, so would it be better to decline the option, or take it and try to trade him?

Of course, any look into the future of the White Sox wouldn’t be complete without contemplating how many years (decades?) it might be before the team could become competitive — even competitive in the AAAL Central.

But, lest all be despair, the two try to guess how incredibly high the ceiling is for the play of Luis Robert Jr.

PLUS >>> a lesson in major league mound preparation.

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