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Visiting Dugout Episode 37 — Boston Red Sox

Chrystal chats with Bayleigh about a Sox series that doesn’t even matter

Friends — baseball is almost over, at least for these two teams. The Red Sox will likely finish last in 2023, worse than .500 at the time of this recording. The White Sox sit in fourth place, just slightly better than the somehow sadder Royals. The Red Sox fired their chief baseball operator Chaim Bloom. The White Sox replaced bad with worse in the firing of Rick Hahn and Ken Williams, only to hire within by bringing in Chris Getz. But as Bayleigh Von Schneider points out, the Red Sox will probably be good next year — and their owners will spend money.

Some of you might remember Bayleigh, my co-host for Soxy Chicks. She also contributes to The Pesky Report, and the two of us often have each other on for other podcasts. We break down the woes for both teams and try to determine how this series might go.

  • What happened in Boston this season?
  • Thoughts on Chaim Bloom’s firing
  • Bayleigh’s pick for MVP
  • Off-season targets and 2024 predictions
  • Chicken pot pies, Boston accents, and that time David Ortiz dropped the F-bomb
  • Old friend alert and pitching matchups
  • The keys, the fears, and what player will have the most impact on the series
  • Out backup plans for both divisions and thoughts on who might win it all.
  • Somehow we never talked about the Scream series!

You can follow Bayleigh on Twitter (not calling it by the other name), and our podcast, Soxy Chicks, ahead of next season.

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