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Sharing Sox Podcast 118 — The nightmare is almost over!

Until spring, anyway

With just six games to go in the White Sox quest to reach 100 losses, SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, look into the question of the ages — does winning one game thanks to a 311-foot opposite-field Pesky Pole nudger and another thanks to the intervention of tropical storm Ophelia mean the baseball gods have determined they want the White Sox to lose a measly 98 or 99 games instead of 100?

With three of games against a Diamondbacks team with everything to play for, but the tail end of their rotation scheduled to pitch, and then three against a red-hot Padres team, presumably ending the season vs. Blake Snell, can the will of those gods be overcome?

Then there’s another big question — how good are the chances multiple players who were with the White Sox in 2022 (and in most cases also most of 2023) will be in the World Series?

There’s also the question of whether someone on the Sox coaching staff should have thought to suggest to Jake Burger that he not swing so hard, the apparent advice he was given in Miami that has raised his batting average and OPS each by about 100 points since he was traded to the Marlins?

While we’re on questions, what do the latest reports on the mystery shooting at the GURF mean? And where is Hercule Poirot when you need him?

And finally, are the odds longer on winning the Powerball or that Joe Kelly was serious when he told Will he wants to play on Will’s slow-pitch softball team after the baseball season is over?

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