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Visiting Dugout Episode 38: San Diego Padres

Chrystal chats with Javier Reyes about the last series of the season

Friends, we’ve made it. This cursed season of White Sox baseball has come to an end.

A lot of people wisely checked out early into the season; others, let's call them the masochists, stayed through the bitter end. When I look back on this season and all the games I needed to watch to keep my gig here at South Side Sox, I think about the end of one of my favorite movies. I am in fact Winona Ryder at the end of Heathers.

On the final episode of the 2023 season, I hosted Javier Reyes of Locked on Padres. Like the White Sox, the Padres are also a huge disappointment, without hope in their respective divisions.

We both concluded that baseball is pain and despite all the frustration that comes with it, we keep coming back for more.

It’s the hope that kills you.” - Ted Lasso

  • What happened in San Diego this season?
  • Javier’s biggest season takeaway
  • The Padres MVP
  • Offseason targets and 2024 predictions
  • Baseball is pain
  • How many Let’s Go Brandon T-shirts does Manny Machado own?
  • Is there still bad blood over gestures broadly Rick Hahn and his many seats at the table
  • We’re recording early, so no pitching matchups — just a breakdown of our rotations
  • The keys, the fears, and what player will have the most impact on the series
  • Out backup plans for both divisions and thoughts on who might win it all

You can follow Javier on Twitter (not calling it by the other name), over at Just Baseball, and his podcast, Locked On Padres.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

or follow along with every episode at Apple Podcasts or Spotify, or wherever you consume your podcasts. Or, you can watch the podcast on the Sox Populi YouTube channel.

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