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Bird App Recap: The White Sox won?!

It’s been a while so I forgot what to do

How will the White Sox disappoint us today? Let’s see!

There hasn’t been a lot going on in this game. Twitter doesn’t even find this game relevant, as it would rather talk about the Tigers vs. Yankees. The pitching hasn’t been bad, but the White Sox still haven’t been good.

Especially from our highest-paid player in franchise history.

The first run finally comes in the fourth, putting the White Sox on the board via an RBI double from Gavin Sheets.

But the Royals immediately take the lead.

This team is so predictable that even fans are betting against them.

Or just not watching.

At least one team in this organization is having a good night.

Watching this team somehow gets sadder each day.

Old friend alert! I’ll be back, I need to cry for a few minutes.

Hey, wait! Andrew Vaughn did a thing! It’s 3-2 White Sox!

Followed by a Yoyo solo blast!

Another home run? In this economy??

And Touki is crushing it, too!

There have been some technical difficulties with masks tonight. Seems safe.

It’s Bummer time!

The Royals struck back in the eighth.

On to the ninth!

I’m a little sorry for all the mean things I’ve said lately.

Guess who is in for the save?

C’mon Ktina, we all know why.

A little walk to tease us, but he pulled it off!

A White Sox Winner?!?!?! Time to celebrate!

He Getz us.


Who had the best tweet?

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    @MailmanJack65: The Getz era
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  • 51%
    @hannahlamotta: Bryan Shaw is #mycloser
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  • 9%
    @TonyLee711: #selltheteam
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  • 12%
    @mcKmarth: what’s for dinner?
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