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Sox Populi Podcast 159 — Boy the White Sox are bad

Brian O’Neill and Brett Ballantini have the fortitude to study this stool sample of a South Side squad

Brett Ballantini and Brian O’Neill sat down with to discuss, just a few days since our last podcast together, what’s changed with the abominable 2023 Chicago White Sox.

  • While not much really has, aside from an embarrassing near-sweep at the hands of the Kansas City Royals, Brian does feel worse than he did just a few days ago
  • And yes, Brett’s “numbers rundown” of how bad the White Sox are right now — and how the team compares to the 123 years of the franchise in total — may have helped that bad feeling
  • Wednesday’s win flipped the script a bit, as the 2023 team has eased back ahead, barely, of 2018 — but yes, another brief discussion on the contention window slammed shut and the likelihood of competing even in a horrible AL Central any time soon
  • A chicken-and-egg discussion of White Sox players traded (Lance Lynn, et al.) and suddenly doing better with their new teams
  • A rundown of where the White Sox stand in terms of “star” players on poor teams; truly, only the 1948 team, losers of 101 games (in a 154-game season) and second-worst in club history, had less star power than the 2023 club
  • And by the end, Brian could take no more, having to throw the flag on a White Sox September 2023 podcast lasting longer than a half-hour

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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