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Adrian Gil absolutely kicked the stuffing out of DSL pitchers in 2023.

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2024 South Side Sox Top Prospect No. 74: Adrian Gil

You just can’t have a better pro debut at the plate

Adrian Gil

First Baseman
193 pounds
Age: 18
2023 High Level DSL (Rookie)
Age relative to high level -0.7 years
SSS rank among all first basemen in the system 5
Overall 2023 stats 45 games ⚾️ 5 HR ⚾️ 33 RBI ⚾️ .340/.481/.517 ⚾️ 25 BB ⚾️ 21 K ⚾️ 5-of-10 (50.0%) SB

Venezuelan infielder Adrian Gil hit the ground running with the White Sox in 2023. He was one of 11 international free agents that signing last January, and went on to dominate DSL pitchers all summer.

Gil led the team in batting average and on-base percentage, slashing .340/.481/.517 in his 45 games played. His patience was shown not only within his efficient OBP metrics, but he also walked four more times than he struck out in 2023, at a 13% walk rate against an 11% strikeout. He also led the team in doubles (11), was tied for second with 33 RBIs, and blasted five homers in 147 at-bats.

Gil played all around the infield, focusing primarily on the corners, starting the most games at first base (24 of 45 games), posting a .990 fielding percentage, much stronger than his .824 over at third.

Gil’s Baseball Cube player ratings
Hitting 97
Contact 97
RBIs 91
Power 66
XBH 49
Speed 42
Runs 37

Do not adjust your set: Gil shares an identical name and home country, and nearly identical build with relief-pitcher DSL teammate Adrían Gil. Our Gil here could stick as an undersized first baseman, presuming he can continue to knock the stuffing out of the ball. But one objective in his already-challenging move Stateside to the ACL in 2024 will be to better master either the hot corner or, depending on his quicks, second base.

2024 South Side Sox Top 100 White Sox Prospects

74. Adrian Gil, 1B
75. Yohemy Nolasco, RHRP
76. Ben Norman, LF
77. Josimar Cousín, RHSP
78. Juan Gonzalez, C
79. Chris Lanzilli, LF
80. Alex Speas, RHRP
81. Fraser Ellard, LHRP
82. Garrett Wright, RHRP
83. Duke Ellis, CF
84. Mathias LaCombe, RHRP
85. Godwin Bennett, RF
86. Rikuu Nishida, LF
87. Caden Connor, LF
88. Zach Franklin, RHRP
89. Jeremy González, LHSP
90. Jerry Burke, RHRP
91. Frankeli Arias, LHSP
92. Mikey Kane, 3B
93. Carlton Perkins, RHSP
94. Tyler Neslony, LF
95. Drew Dalquist, RHSP
96. Jason Matthews, SS
97. Jonathan Stiever, RHSP
98. Tommy Sommer, LHSP
99. Daniel González, LHRP
100. Eduardo Herrera, 3B

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