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Jeremy González brings a lot to like to the field, including the ever-elusive left-handedness.

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2024 South Side Sox Top Prospect No. 89: Jeremy González

A big test, moving Stateside, looms for this lefty

Jeremy González

Left-Handed Starting Pitcher
168 pounds
Age: 19
2022 High Level DSL (Rookie)
Age relative to high level -0.6 years
SSS rank among all left-handed starting pitchers in the system 10
Overall 2023 stats 0-4 ⚾️ 10 starts ⚾️ 36 innings ⚾️ 3.75 ERA ⚾️ 1.194 WHIP ⚾️ 44 K ⚾️ 13 BB

Jeremy González is a slender, left-handed pitcher who was a June 1 signing in 2022 as a 17-year-old. The organization has clearly been limiting his game usage in the DSL, as he’s accumulated just 65 innings over the last two years in a starting role.

The 2023 season represented an marked improvement for González. He dropped his walk rate by more than 4% while raising his strikeout rate by better than 10% on the way to finishing with a 3.75 ERA and a 3.87 FIP. That strong K-BB%, combined with a ground ball rate in the upper-40s, is a good start for a kid that who will just be turning 19 as the 2024 season begins.

González’s Baseball Cube player ratings
K/BB 52
Walks 51
Strikeouts 50
Durability 39
Hittable 38
vs. Power 38

Displaying equal or better results with a larger workload will likely be González’s focus in 2024, but a solid start in the DR is intriguing. As all DSL players face, Jeremy will have a double-challenge in 2024: Adjusting to life in a new country when joining the ACL White Sox, and to a much better quality of batters.

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94. Tyler Neslony, LF
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97. Jonathan Stiever, RHSP
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