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South Side Sox elects three to the Hall of Fame

And, surprise plot twist, Mark Buehrle is not one of them

Don’t touch that head, Melkman: Especially now that Adrián Beltré is headed to the Hall of Fame.
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A year ago the SSS electorate, free to vote for every player on the ballot if it wanted, barely crossed 50% support for any candidate not named Mark Buerhle.

One year later, fortunes have reversed, as Buehrle — back on the ballot for us this year, as he was not part of the Cooperstown Class of 2023 — fell a single vote short while three other worthy candidates broke through for honors.

None had a cakewalk:

  • No-brainer freshman honoree Adrián Beltré was elected with just 78.9% support
  • Todd Helton got a bump of almost 25% from the electorate, scraping into immortality
  • Another first-year candidate, slowpoke nemesis Joe Mauer, earned 75.5% — one fewer vote, and he would have been outside looking in

Two additional candidates came dangerously close to election, meaning that with just a few more tumbles the other way, SSS could have elected five players to the Hall this year:

  • Buehrle, with 76% support a year ago, fell a vote shy, at 74.4%
  • Onetime White Sox teammate Andruw Jones, benefiting from nearly as big a jump in support as Helton, fell two votes short, at 73.0%

Based on our results, three players would drop off of the ballot for 2025. In his final year on the ballot, support for Gary Sheffield jumped by more than 15% — still landing him well short of immortality, at 53.8%. Among first-year candidates, only Adrián González (five votes of 104, for 4.8%) and José Reyes (one vote of 100, 1.0%) failed to reach the 5% mark to live to see another election.

We had 2,854 votes, with a yes/no ballot that could allow for skips. The most votes this election were collected by Buehrle (121), the fewest Reyes (100).

Here’s a look at our final results, compared to the BBWAA ballot as currently tracked on Sunday night, with 49.7% of the total voting publicly known:

More notes from the vote:

  • We had 973 yes votes, 1,881 nos
  • Beyond Buehrle (we supported his candidacy at a rate 66.5% higher than the BBWAA electorate), we are much bigger fans of Bartolo Colón (+26.4%), Matt Holliday (+18.1%), Manny Ramírez (+16.2%), Torii Hunter (+16.2%) and Andy Pettitte (+10.0%) than the general public
  • In contrast, we are not on board with the candidacies of Billy Wagner (-27.1% from the BBWAA bloc) Sheffield (-20.5%), Beltré (-20.1%), Beltrán (-17.3%) and Chase Utley (-10.6%)
  • Among returning candidates, Helton (+24.2%), Jones (+23.0%), Sheffield (+15.4%), Ramírez (+10.8) and Wagner (+10.2%) all saw significant jumps in support from SSS from 2023 to 2024
  • There were no major dips in support from 2023 to 2024, as Omar Vizquel (-4.0%) was met with the most disfavor
  • We were very close to the anticipated BBWAA final vote for many players: Reyes (1.0% difference), Bobby Abreu (1.5%), Álex Rodríguez (1.6%) and Jones (2.3%) found almost identical support

The most fun vote is still to come, at the start of February: the sixth annual White Sox Hall of Fame vote.

Till then: Congrats, Adrián, Todd and Joe!

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