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For Ryan Castillo to really move up our prospect list, he’ll have to field third base — or, somewhere on the field — much better.

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2024 South Side Sox Top Prospect No. 63: Ryan Castillo

We admit it: This ranking is too high. But there is promise here

Ryan Castillo

First Baseman
170 pounds
Age: 19
2023 High Level DSL (Rookie)
Age relative to high level +0.3 years
SSS rank among all first basemen in the system 4
Overall 2023 regular season stats 35 games ⚾️ 4 HR ⚾️ 20 RBI ⚾️ .259/.370/.420 ⚾️ 17 BB ⚾️ 34 K

Ryan Castillo is primarily a first baseman, but he also has experience at third and second base. In 2022, Castillo slashed .274/.333/.310 (82 wRC+, 0 HR, 11 RBI) in 27 games in the DSL. Repeating the level in 2023, Castillo made a sizable step in the right direction, going .259/.370/.422 (113 wRC+, 4 HR, 20 RBI) in 35 games. On top of that progress on the surface level, Castillo benefited from a .418 BABIP in 2022 compared to a much more modest and sustainable .329 in 2023.

Castillo’s strikeout rate dropped from 31.9% in 2022 to 24.5% in 2023, and his walk rate improved from 8.5% in 2022 to 12.2% in 2023. Across the board, Castillo saw the ball better in 2023, and his power numbers rose significantly. Given his age, Castillo is on a trajectory that could realistically be promising as far as his ability to contribute to the White Sox down the road.

One caveat is that in recent history, the White Sox have been overflowing with first basemen, and Castillo’s track record defending other positions is currently lacking. In 2022, Castillo had a .900 fielding percentage in 48 innings at second base and an eye-popping .731 fielding percentage in 105 innings at third. I am not a fan of fielding percentage at all as a stat, but given that those numbers are extremely low, and Castillo was restricted to first base almost exclusively in 2023, he does not boast much defensive flexibility at the moment.

Castillo’s Baseball Cube player ratings
Hitting 69
RBIs 65
Runs 48
Power 42
XBH 36
Contact 33
Speed 28
Durability 23

Sometimes, we have to admit a flaw in the process, and Castillo ended up higher on our 2024 list than his numbers or future projections warrant. But if he can move Stateside and hold serve with his numbers, while fielding a position beyond first base with average proficiency, Castillo will have earned our confidence.

2024 South Side Sox Top 100 White Sox Prospects

63. Ryan Castillo, 1B
64. Bryce Willits, 3B
65. Colby Smelley, C
66. Wes Kath, 3B
67. Alsander Womack, 2B
68. Jordan Sprinkle, SS
69. Connor McCullough, RHSP
70. Luis Rodriguez, RHRP
71. Jonah Scolaro, LHRP
72. Ben Beutel, LHRP
73. Stiven Flores, C
74. Adrian Gil, 1B
75. Yohemy Nolasco, RHRP
76. Ben Norman, LF
77. Josimar Cousín, RHSP
78. Juan Gonzalez, C
79. Chris Lanzilli, LF
80. Alex Speas, RHRP
81. Fraser Ellard, LHRP
82. Garrett Wright, RHRP
83. Duke Ellis, CF
84. Mathias LaCombe, RHRP
85. Godwin Bennett, RF
86. Rikuu Nishida, LF
87. Caden Connor, LF
88. Zach Franklin, RHRP
89. Jeremy González, LHSP
90. Jerry Burke, RHRP
91. Frankeli Arias, LHSP
92. Mikey Kane, 3B
93. Carlton Perkins, RHSP
94. Tyler Neslony, LF
95. Drew Dalquist, RHSP
96. Jason Matthews, SS
97. Jonathan Stiever, RHSP
98. Tommy Sommer, LHSP
99. Daniel González, LHRP
100. Eduardo Herrera, 3B

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