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Capital City Go-Go v G League Ignite
John Schriffen (right), has experience in multiple sports including baseball, basketball, and football.
David Becker/NBAE via Getty Images

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John Schriffen is the new play-by-play announcer for the Chicago White Sox

Former Dartmouth pitcher brings a varied broadcasting background to the booth

Melissa Sage-Bollenbach is a die-hard White Sox fan and Mom of two incredible kids! She also has a Cubby hubby, but it’s OK because he likes the Sox. She went to the first Field of Dreams game, and it was the best baseball experience she's ever had!

On Thursday, the Chicago White Sox announced John Schriffen as their new play-by-play announcer. Schriffen agreed to a multiyear contract, and will broadcast games alongside veteran Steve Stone for NBC Sports Chicago.

In a separate media post, the 39-year-old graciously complimented White Sox fans. “Chicago fans take the cake,” Schriffen said. “When it comes to sports, you guys are the best. The most passionate. The most knowledgeable. Nobody around the country has Chicago sports fans beat.”

Hopefully, Schriffen will feel the same after a few months of exposure to White Sox Twitter.

The native New Yorker is biracial and becomes one of only two Black TV play-by-play announcers across baseball, along with Seattle’s Dave Sims. Prior experience for Schriffen includes work on ESPN radio’s MLB broadcasts and NCAA basketball, football, baseball, and softball games. Additionally, he was a studio host for the NFL Network and a play-by-play broadcaster and sideline reporter for CBS Sports.

During a Thursday afternoon media session, Schriffen promised to bring plenty of passion and excitement to the broadcast: “I approach my broadcasting like a fan. So you’re going to feel the way you probably feel (during the broadcast) at home. I don’t hide my emotions. I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I’m an emotional guy. So when there’s a big play, you’re going to feel it. You’re going to hear it in my voice. If something goes bad, you’re going to know. And I think that’s what my style has been; people can always recognize the energy and the passion.”

For fans interested in what Schriffen sounds like on a big call, this clip from the Dec. 29, 2023, AutoZone Liberty Bowl game between Iowa State University and the University of Memphis gives you a glimpse.

In his introductory video, Schriffen told Sox fans he likes food and dogs. I know very little about how he will turn out as our broadcaster, but that’s already two points in my book.

Dog person, check. Foodie, check.

I think I speak for most South Side fans wishing Schriffen the best of luck. We may be an awfully negative group toward our beloved team these days, but overall we’re a welcoming bunch that’s more than willing to give him a chance to live out his dream.

Welcome to Chicago, John!

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